?? might be in media monkey.

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?? might be in media monkey.

Post by rovingcowboy » Sat Feb 07, 2004 9:19 am

i have this little bug that shows up it is cosmedic or so but it does bug the daylight out of me.

not sure what is causing it. but it only shows up when using media monkey. ( you might already know about it?)

i am using the free version on winxp, which is where i seem to find this bug. it does not seem to show up much if at all on win98.

but this is what happens.

i start media monkey play songs change playlists and all that you do in media monkey, then i close it out to the system tray. then i play games online or do other things while listing to music.

when a song comes on i dont want to hear right then i click on restore. so i can change to a different playlist or remove the song from that playlist if it did not fit the mood of the playlist.

but when media monkey restores to the screen. the taskbar goes away.
it does not just move down to auto hide, as media monkey is still the size it is when the task bar is showing.

but the task bar is gone and i see desktop. then i re shrink media monkey to the tray and the task bar returns?

in order for me to stop this from happening i have to exit media monkey and restart it.

that is only showing up on this winxp it does not seem to do that on win98 or winMe of course i dont do anything else on those os's when i use media monkey, just use media monkey.

we only use media monkey on this xp when we do other things.
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Restore minimized MM --> Taskbar disappears on XP

Post by rusty » Mon Feb 23, 2004 3:06 pm

Haven't been able to replicate this. Does it occur whenever MM is minimized? or only if minimized to taskbar?

Anyone else observe this problem?


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