2185 - MyLibrary|Online tabs at Artist and Album levels

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2185 - MyLibrary|Online tabs at Artist and Album levels

Post by Barry4679 » Wed Jul 03, 2019 11:10 pm

Are these panels still a work in progress? .... ie. the MyLibrary|Online tabs at the artist and Album levels.

I think that they should be improved ... here I am in the "MyLibrary" tab, but everything in that green box belongs to the "Online" tab, and is replicated there.

ie. those are not my Genres ... why not show my genres here, so that I can use the hyperlink to navigate properly within my own database?

and why waste space with a a replication of the online notes for the album|artist? ... I would rather have that space used to see my own tags
It would be best if was like described here, and in the linked forum thread.

MM5 has way too few tooltips ... I have just noticed that the play icon acts differently when I am in the online tab. ... nice :)
I may have noticed a lot earlier if there was a panel specific tooltip.
I have the great fear that MM5 will become a future case history showing how to make a product fail to sell, by doing bugger all to describe, and make prominent, the new features.

Someone from MM once posted that you were still thinking how best to display|use the MyLibrary|Online data.
I think that it would good if there was also a combined panel, so that I could identify differences more easily ... eg. tracks missing from my collection ... or track length (aka version) differences