2185 - dboxes are loading off screen

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2185 - dboxes are loading off screen

Post by Barry4679 » Wed Jul 03, 2019 3:17 am

dboxes are loading off screen ... makes MM5 look like it is frozen

First it happened with the "Image Size..." dbox, which is available from the toolbar dropdown menu (Views|Customise) control on the Genres sub-node.

I closed MM5, and deleted my persistent.json file from \MediaMonkey 5\Portable ... then tried again ... it was OK

Then later a similar thing happened again ... here ... MM5 is maximised ... the screenshot is of my whole of the screen ... I tried to open the Track Properties dbox ... the dbox has opened off screen ... MM5 appears as if it has frozen, because it is waiting on the (mostly invisible) modal dbox.

  • I clean installed a (portable) MM5, allowing it to import settings from MM4
  • when it opened, it opened not maximised ... I maximised it
  • I navigated to EntireLibrary>Genres, and pressed "Image Size..." ... the dbox opened at the left (not fully onscreen, as shown here)
  • it continues to open off-screen until I drag it elsewhere
nb: the genre grid looks screwy due this this bug I reported elsewhere
nb. I don't know whether it is relevant, but I have dual screens

I PM'd a copy of my persistent.json file to Ludek