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Postby rusty » Tue Oct 31, 2017 8:23 am


MediaMonkey 4.1.19 has been released. It's a minor update containing about 10 critical bug fixes.

For details see:

You can download it from: ... 9.1859.exe
File Size: 16240360 bytes
MD5: 0aa35b66e6c77d684d9193baaf968eec
SHA-1: 2149a09b5346262ba9eabb14740636242231cc57
SHA256: a7009e4596df787b484f9475caa4e994b96e1f529cdcfd93d2a7ff7e3ad52947

Debug build is at: ... _Debug.exe
File Size : 19759984 bytes
MD5: 44cfe395921022d6b152356f4f754721
SHA-1: 065a3699c74bb4a02f3a3b4d3670cad702ee83f1
SHA256: c0ad6a753d382146b4a19d660257a690326c94b013fef9978c8cde055bd67405

Happy Monkeying!

-The MediaMonkey Team
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