lots of problems

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lots of problems

Post by Unsui0021 » Wed Jun 13, 2012 10:00 pm

Hi, I need someone to give me general tech support. The first problem I have is my user name and password. Digital River has my user name as Anthony Tomeo and my password as a1d3l5s7. Elements 5 has it as deantopa@gmail.com. It is all screwed up. I think that I read somewhere that I should re-register my product with media monkey but when I try, it tells me I can't because that e-mail address is already in use.

The second problem that I have is I can't burn a cd or export a playlist to my mp3 player. When I burned a cd, the songs wouldn't play and when I exported a play list I saw that the songs randomly went to the music file instead of being condensed into the playlist (Summer 2012). I have been using MM a long time. I used it free and then purchased a Gold license and most recently purchased a life time Gold. If someone could walk me through these problems, I would really appreciate it I am not all that bright with this stuff. I don't understand a lot of the technical shop talk such as "tags" or other extentions. I would like to become more proficient though. Thanks, Anthony Tomeo

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Re: lots of problems

Post by Lowlander » Thu Jun 14, 2012 10:02 am

1) Usernames and such for those sites is irrelevant to using MediaMonkey Gold. You'll need a License Username and License Key which can be retrieved at the service you purchased it if you lost that information.

2) Are you burning or ripping a CD? Burning is writing songs from the PC to a CD and ripping is copying (and converting) songs from a CD to the PC.

3) A Playlist is a small text files with links to the songs. It doesn't contain the songs themselves. So you always end up with the song files and the Playlist file.
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