My ideal workflow with MMA

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My ideal workflow with MMA

Post by MagGyver » Sun Aug 11, 2019 3:09 pm

I use MMW and MMA almost exclusively to organize and tag the tracks I'll be using later in Traktor for DJing purposes. I use a script that exports my playlists as XML for Traktor to use. (Many thanks to DC, the original coder, and fvdpol for resurrecting the script)

There are a few missing pieces to make this system really shine for me, and some of the pieces are features that will hopefully be coming out with MMA 2.0, but there's one piece I haven't been able to find any discussion about. I'll quickly summarize my workflow so the request will have context:

MMW - track is added to playlists according to mood, setting, venue, or crowd (where I DJ). Comments added for DJing purposes. (Hoping comment field will be included in MMA 2.0)

~sync to MMA the playlists that need review~

MMA - Play the playlists, looking for tracks that either don't belong there or should be added to other playlists. For those that don't belong, I switch view to the currently playing playlist, scroll to locate the track, and delete ("remove from playlist"). For those that should be added to other playlists (that were synced to MMA), I use the controls to add them. (Ideally, I would get a warning if that track already exists in that playlist, like I do on MMW. I understand this may be implemented in MMA 2.0) If I want to add it to a playlist NOT synced with MMA, I keep an Evernote note called "DJ to do" and dictate the playlist edits there for later work in MMW.

~sync back to MMW with playlist data updated~
~export XML and begin Traktor importing~

I had a thought today about how to handle the fact that I don't sync every playlist I use to MMA...when I sync a track from MMW to MMA, is there a way to view which playlists a track belongs to, and even if the playlist is not one of the ones that has been synced to MMA? Perhaps as a plain text field?

I understand on MMW you can view the Properties for a track and by looking at Classification tab, you can see which playlists a track belongs to, and even remove it from a playlist by unchecking the box. I realize this is due to the underlying SQL database relationships, and that would probably be asking too much of a smaller app like MMA. But even if I could just see the list of playlists the track belongs to, as a plain text field, it would help tremendously. And also save me the mistake of possibly adding a track to a playlist when it's already in there, whether or not that playlist was synced to MMA.

How possible would this be? I'm hoping I might not be the only one who would feel they could benefit from this info being available...if a script would do this, is there anyone who would be interested in writing one? I lack the skills.