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Forum Rules

Post by rusty » Wed Jun 10, 2009 11:58 pm

The MediaMonkey forum is a place for MediaMonkey users, contributors, and developers to exchange tips, bugs, scripts, and other information. The size and number of posts in the forum precludes the development team from monitoring all goings on, however, a team of Moderators does their best to raise critical issues directly to the attention of the development team.

The MediaMonkey forum is pretty easygoing, but we ask you to please keep to the following rules:
* Be courteous to and respectful of other users, testers, moderators and developers. Debate freely, but don't make it personal. Feel free to criticize MediaMonkey, but do it constructively.
* The forum exists for the community. Post publicly only if it might benefit other users. Personal issues / criticisms warrant private messages.
* Don't post any inappropriate or illegal content (e.g. porn, license keys, spam, etc.).
* Don't create posts that are duplicates of others or if the subject already exists, as this ends up wasting other's time, and spreads relevant information across multiple threads. For example, if a thread already exists for a particular script, enter the question in that thread.
* Don't hijack existing threads to discuss topics unrelated to the original subsect--create a new topics instead so that others can easily find it.
* Post content in the correct forum (the forum descriptions describe what goes where).
* Post content clearly and concisely, keeping in mind that 30% of our members aren't native English speakers.

In the event that these rules aren't adhered to, our team of Moderators will kick into action and help clean things up.

Thank you!