Bug Report: Audiobook order

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Christian Anderson

Bug Report: Audiobook order

Post by Christian Anderson » Thu Jun 01, 2017 11:19 am

I searched but didn't find other reports of this issue, so maybe it's just me.
Using MMA on Galaxy S7 Edge, and MM Gold
My audiobooks are not always in order. The "track number" assigned to each chapter seems to get confused if more than three digits are required. For example, if a book was ripped from 10+ CDs which had 10+ tracks on at least one CD, then multiple tracks get the same track number, for example:
1. 01 Part 1 Introduction - 01.1 Make Stuff (<Disc#>=01, <Track#>=01)
1. 10 Part 10 Python - 01.1 Dynamic libraries (<Disc#=10, <Track#>=01)
Sometimes the book is correctly ordered despite the confusing "autonumber", but often not.
I can make a playlist of the book on the PC version, and sort easily enough. However, the playlist doesn't show which tracks have been listened to, so it's easy to lose my place if I take a break to listen to music or another book. Would it be possible to either
(1) automatically sort audiobooks by disc# > track# > custom[n], or
(2) display progress / playcount / last played info on playlists?

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Re: Bug Report: Audiobook order

Post by rusty » Fri Jun 09, 2017 11:51 am

Hi Christian,

I just tested out with an audiobook with 10 chapters (discs) and 10-20 tracks per chapter and all chapters/tracks were correctly sorted.

So that there's no confusion, here's how I tested:
1 In MMW Rip 10 CD audiobook and ensure that the Disc# and Track# fields are filled in for all tracks
2a) In MMA, add the Audiobook to the Auto-sync list and initiate Wi-Fi Sync
b) connect the device via USB and in MMW right click on the Audiobook and Send to > Samsung SG800 (Synchronize)
--> On the device in the Audiobooks node, all tracks display in the correct sort order

My expectation is that in your case, either:
- some of the tracks were missing disc#/track# metadata. ATM, you can only verify this in MMW, but make certain that the Disc# and Track# fields are populated before you sync
- some of the tracks were manually copied rather than synced (in which case the Disc# metadata, and other metadata such as play history/ratings/etc. would be missing)

Note also: for audiobooks that have been Synced (rather than copied), the Audiobooks node displays play progress/bookmarking status for each track (keeping it synced between MMA and MMW).

Does this clarify / solve the problem?


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