DLNA Questions...

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DLNA Questions...

Post by rayzolight » Tue Nov 05, 2013 11:41 am

Need some help finding an A/V receiver with networking capabilities.

This is what I need to do. Please let me know if you know of an network ready A/V receiver that will accommodate this.

Media Monkey running on PC with all music stored locally on same machine. I want to connect to a networking A/V receiver located in another room via DLNA. I need to be able to play music from this source both on the mains and in another zone at the same time. I also need gapless Flac playback.

From what I've read (and maybe I'm misunderstanding this) most networked A/V receivers cannot play music from a DLNA source on the mains and in a second zone at the same time. There are some Yamaha's that will (via something called "party Mode"), but they don't support gapless Flac playback. I really don't want to purchase a separate network media player to accomplish this. Hoping there is a network ready A/V receiver out there that can do this. Thanks!
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DNLA Help...

Post by rayzolight » Tue Nov 05, 2013 6:24 pm

I asked the question earlier about A/V receivers but I'd also like to explore another route - using a blueray device.

Please let me know if how I envision this configuration is correct. I'm not referring to any of the DNLA server setting within MediaMonkey (that will probably be an entirely different thread) just the basic connections.

MediaMonkey and all music files (FLAC and MP3) are on one PC (no NAS). I connect my PC via CAT5 to a DNLA certified device (such as one of the blueray players mentioned on the wiki page). Use the analog outs on the BR device to my Receiver.

I want to control all song selections (albums, playlists, individual tracks) either directly from my PC running MM or an Android App. I don't want to select tracks via the BR device at all.

Assuming everything is configured properly, will this work?

Please let me know if you need any clarification as to what I'm asking. Thanks!!!!!!!

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Re: DLNA Questions...

Post by Nova5 » Thu Nov 14, 2013 10:02 pm

Most won't send Digital signals to the 2nd zone outputs. Yamaha's Party Mode outputs the current source to ALL speakers and outputs in Stereo. fronts/sides/rears in a 7.1 system output only a front left/right signal. I like my Yamaha for that, and that was a strong reason for picking it. I have wireless speakers I hang in my garage or back yard when I want them for outdoor music.

Unless you hook up through the Red/White RCA connections, its a digital signal.

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