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Posted: Wed Mar 10, 2004 7:20 pm
by Pablo
Hi, can somebody give me a brief description of the standard dialogs and how to call them from scripts?

In particular, how do I present a simple form that has a textbox where the user can enter a value? (and how do I store the answer in a variable?).




Posted: Wed Mar 10, 2004 7:29 pm
by Lowlander

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discno = inputbox("Enter disc number") 
would probably do the job. discno is the variable in this case where the input from the user is stored.

Its from the script on this page:

Posted: Wed Mar 10, 2004 8:02 pm
by Pablo
Thanks, I figured it out by looking at a VB reference. Is there any way to have more complex interaction? (for instance having the user fill two textboxes at once).


Don't think so

Posted: Wed Mar 10, 2004 8:55 pm
by Lowlander
I don't believe so as you can't create interfaces. So you are stuck to popping up multiple inputboxes I'm afraid.