can't sync properly from Win app to Android

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can't sync properly from Win app to Android

Post by BernardB143 » Fri Aug 09, 2019 3:57 am

Hi, I'm just trying to get started with Media Monkey and am having problems - any help appreciated. I've got my mp3s on an external hard disk which is connected to a Win10 laptop. Everything seems to work okay on the laptop. Then I have the MM app on my Android 9 Huawei phone. I copied the exact same music folder from my external disc to the SD card on the phone. I can operate the phone okay. So both devices seem to work fine independently. But I want to be able to keep them synced so if I make a change on one device, the changes are automatically reflected on the other. On my phone, if I go do the three dots > options > Wi-fi sync > Select Sync server - my PC is listed. Sync settings > SanDisk Memory Card > Sync to this location is ticked and so is Auto-sync device content. BUT PROBLEM 1 when I click 'Sync' I get a list of 78 tracks which is suggests need copying to the server. So why is this - I copied over every one of my 6000 odd mp3s from my external hard disc to the SD card - so why are these 78 being singled out? Also ... if I DON'T tick the 79 tacks and say Yes to the sync, it says sync is done and is fine - but it isn't because I know the Playlists haven't synced - see problem 2.
By the way, the UPnP download location on the phone is the SanDisk memory card.
PROBLEM 2 is that when I create a Playlist on one device, it doesn't sync to the other.
PROBLEM 3 is that I just removed a track from the MM PC app, tried to sync on the phone but the track is still on the phone.
Thanks for any help.

Update: So, the 78 tracks in most cases but not all are where there are duplicates of a track title - i.e. same track by different artists in different folder. So why is it asking me to upload these?

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Re: can't sync properly from Win app to Android

Post by Lowlander » Fri Aug 09, 2019 11:16 am

1) They couldn't be matched. As you didn't sync them from MMW to the device they need to be matched.

2) Did you select the appropriate options to sync new files and playlists to the PC? This is easiest in the Device Profile in MMW.

3) You need to change the delete option in the Device Profile. By default it only deletes files not on the sync list, but in the MMW Library.
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