Music/Folder Grouped list.

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Music/Folder Grouped list.

Post by scoobydog » Thu Nov 29, 2018 3:49 am

Hi folks,

just joined and this is my first question. Any help will be appreciated.

Purchased a Sony NW-A45 to replace an ageing iPod 5th Gen Touch.

My Question:

If I have multiple albums by artists on the Sony it appears I have to swipe/scroll through all to get to the next artist. i.e. I have 15 albums by AC/DC and 15 by Black Sabbath. I have to swipe/scroll through all 15 individual AC/DC albums before arriving at the 15 Black Sabbath albums and so on down the list. On the iPod there would be a single entry for an artist/band which when tapped would then reveal the content listed for that entry. In this example 15 albums etc.

Is it at all possible to accomplish this with the NW-A45? Because this is probably my only issue with it in the short time I've owned it. It's very possible, being as I'm old and not ever so tech savvy, that I'm missing something very simple as it seems such an obvious and intuitive way for folders and files to be displayed. I don't use Sony Music Centre. I used to use iTunes to sync the iPod but that isn't capable of coping with my FLAC files so instead I have recently started to use Media Monkey. It's entirely possible I'm doing something wrong in MM and that's where my problem lies. I don't know but I very much hope that somebody here does and is able to help me out. A very 'first world problem' I know but it is a tad irritating having to scroll as it is now when used to a better option.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Music/Folder Grouped list.

Post by Lowlander » Thu Nov 29, 2018 11:07 am

It's up to the device, not the software used for syncing on how your media is presented to you.
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