Synch playlists from MM to FiiO M9

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Synch playlists from MM to FiiO M9

Post by ZilsXafwubre » Sat Nov 24, 2018 5:56 pm

I know this is a long shot, but would anyone have any idea how to synch playlists to a Fiio M9, or if this is even possible?

I've tried the default settings on MM and various other configurations from user here, but MM just gets stuck on "Synchronising Fiio M9- M9 Micro SD: Preparing list of files". I'm only doing a test synch of several playlists.

Any advice much appreciated.


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Re: Synch playlists from MM to FiiO M9

Post by Peke » Sat Nov 24, 2018 8:29 pm

If Playlists are Auto-Playlists it can take time to create list of all files and make sure they are not duplicated on sync.

Can you please open support ticket and supply us with debug logs as described at ... ?f=12&t=69 could help us to determine where things stopped.
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Re: Synch playlists from MM to FiiO M9

Post by ZilsXafwubre » Tue Nov 27, 2018 8:50 am

Thanks for your prompt response Pavle/Peke, much appreciated.

I have over 200Gb of music that I've synched using MM to a 400GB micro SD card within the FiiO M9, and as you suggested, it took a while to synch - about 20 minutes just to prepare the list of files. This would of course be due to a range of things, so now that I'm aware I'll just have to be patient. It would be nice if MM had some progress bar showing the file prep status but I realise that this may not be possible.

Once the file prep happened all went well, except for the synch dropping out occasionally. In these cases hitting the 'autosynch' button again soon set it running without having to do a rescan.

I used the default settings on the Auto-synch (library) options for playlists and the playlists I'd selected in MM synched perfectly. The playlists can then be found in the base directory of the M9's card using the file explorer approach on the M9, and to my delight the playlists are linked to the songs in the folders and they play as they should.

However, I have since wrestled with a raft of issues with song file tags, which is probably a common thread but I'm posting this in case other FiiO M9 users who are synching with MM experience similar issues. It is probably some issue re the M9 not updating its 'library' correctly rather than Media Monkey, I've given up trying to figure it out. Sequence of frustration listed below.

1. Synch as above, all fine. Later, change some files in MM database - example, add new tracks or change the tags on some existing files.
2. Synch again with MM. then scan for new files on M9. After scan, see that old folders and files are not removed, new tags have not been updated.
3. Clear library database on M9, re-scan files in the M9, same problem.
4. Attach M9 to computer - on this I can see that the M9 after the synch has NOT updated the actual files, anything with changed metadata/tags etc has not been replaced.
5. Physically delete those folders from the M9 (either via file management on M9 or on computer), synch in MM again, re-scan and the folders are there and the data is OK.
6. So, for this to work, you have to physically remove the old files from the M9 before synching, and this is just not feasible.
7. I take the SD card out of M9 and use a folder synch program to add all the audio files. Put card back in M9, scan picks all up OK.
8. However, I have now lost ALL playlist data from MM.
9. Hook M9 back to computer and turn on MM. Just click the 'synch playlists' tab in MM and uncheck 'delete all other files from media player'. MM (in coloured bars at bottom of screen) all files on the M9 as 'other files', ie NOT as yellow audio files (they obviously have no link to MM database).
10. After 30 minutes of 'preparing files' MM then slowly replaces the 'other files' bar at bottom with white 'audio' files. I cannot wait for this to complete, especially if it then attempts to delete the files on the SD card and replace them with linked audio files from MM.
11. I am back where I started with no idea how to synch playlists to the M9.
12. Groan. Anyone have any ideas?

Another update 13/12/2018

OK, so the easiest way to add the playlists to the M9, given the above debacle, is as follows:

1. Create your playlists in MediaMonkey.
2. Set up a folder on your M9 SD card called PLAYLISTS (separate to your MUSIC folder).
3. Set up a sub-folder in that SD card playlist folder for each new playlist you're going to copy over.
4. In MediaMonkey, highlight all the songs in the particular playlist.
6. Check the 'copy files to new destination' button. To make sure files arrive in the same order as in the playlist, set up the destination directory in the space available and add <Auto Number> (add other bits if you want track name included etc).
7. On the M9, navigate using the Folders option (not 'music') to the sub-directories in the folder named Playlists, and play the files.
8. That's as simple as I can get it.

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