iPhone 6plus Unable to Play All Synced Songs

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iPhone 6plus Unable to Play All Synced Songs

Post by skywalka » Sun Jun 11, 2017 5:48 am

Hi guys,

A few months ago I had to restore my phone. After syncing with MediaMonkey everything seemed to be working fine. I resynced every now & then to get some new music on the iPhone.

At some stage a lot of individual songs became unavailable on my iPhone. I'm not sure when this first occurred because I play my library at random and when a song is unavailable it just skips to the next available song.

After songs fail to play they then become greyed out on the phone:

Then when I sync the phone again I can see those unplayable songs are being synced in MediaMonkey. The songs will then play on the iPhone.

I have had this problem in the past too. I'm wondering if anyone knows the cause?