God Bless You Developers !

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God Bless You Developers !

Post by sertacaygun » Tue Feb 17, 2015 8:19 am


I'm Sertac, from Turkiye, Geology Engineering Student, 24

This post is just about gratitude and tell something about how i syncing my musics as yet.

I've very first had a portable cassette player. I could play just 10 - 12 song in my childhood. Then, i've had a 12cm CD player, it was a Sony and could support "folder view" but i had to burn a whole cd again for a song.

After than i had a Creative's Zen Vision M portable media player instead iPod, because it could support MTP and i could add songs to my device from every computer i would. Actually it was like that But those days i haven't know that's name was MTP, i tought it was a USB Mass Storage. Whatever; I used to add my songs with changing ID3 infos as "Turkish slow music", "Hard Rock" the "Artist" "Album" spaces for easy to find which i want to listen.
One day, i've had 4th Gen. iPod Touch and i noticed that, there was a five or six same artist name and my cousin told me that for solution "use the playlist" it was a very nice method but a few months later my iPod died and i've been using Android Phone since that day. But i didn't know "is this music in my phone?" or "Did i deleted it?"

In last month I Tried Windows Media Player to syncs my playlists; It's so much better than ID3 editing method; But MM is syncs so much better and WMP does not sync playlist as playlist on UMS devices, is syncs just as artist, albums, and song; MM CAN DO THIS EVEN. (WMP Syncs also photos, but photos are memory and don't use so much space in device so you can storage every one in PC and Phone.)I know, Winamp can do it but MM is better. Music Bee can, but MM is better. There is a few software to syncs playlist that i don't know but MM is syncs my songs as very best and it's best music player i've ever use. And MM can do this since 2004, i've read change log.

As i said, I'm student and Dollar is very expensive against our money unit (TL). I've have a code via Trial Pay but i've bought Media Monkey for Android to support you as i can.

God bless you developers, if you blieve, or not.


Re: God Bless You Developers !

Post by Guest » Tue Feb 17, 2015 8:22 am

I forget to write, i've installing Media Monkey to every PC and Phones that my friends :)

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