Old tickets gone, support makes itself inaccessible

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Old tickets gone, support makes itself inaccessible

Post by mcow » Sat Dec 13, 2014 2:12 pm

I recently got two emails regarding an old support ticket I'd opened. For some reason, that ticket (and the other old ones I had opened) are no longer available to me, so I can't read them or post followups to them.

One of those emails was a personal message to me from "Pavle" asking if it was still an issue, but the reply address was support@mediamonkey.com, and when I replied to it, I got an autoreply saying Don't Do That.

Well, I say: YOU don't do that. If you want feedback on issues, provide a communications channel to receive it. I'm not going to open a second ticket for the same issue, given that the ticket was ignored for over a year, and my forum posts about it were ignored for over three years, and a PM to one of the developers resulted in an "you're right, I'll escalate this" response that came to nothing. I could have PM'd in response, but I don't even know if Pavle has a forum userid, let alone what it is.

I completely understand that you don't want your personal email accounts filled up with lame questions or spam, but it's not reasonable to keep yourselves silo'd when you're attempting a conversation.

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Re: Old tickets gone, support makes itself inaccessible

Post by Lowlander » Sat Dec 13, 2014 2:22 pm

It says right in the ticket signature that emails won't work (it was removed as too many were lost) and that you need to login to support to reply to tickets. It does seem that the migration to a newer version of the ticket system wasn't flawless and some users can't see old tickets. In that case you'll need to open a new ticket preferably referencing the old ticket ID.
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