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Post by trixmoto » Wed Dec 14, 2005 4:26 pm

Perhaps there could be a usergroup with all the MM team in so people can see who the dev team are?

Also, how about a "skinners" group for people who are creating skins.

And maybe a "scripters" group for people who are creating scripts.

Maybe other people have suggestions for other usergroups - seems silly having the option there and not really using it.
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Post by rovingcowboy » Wed Dec 14, 2005 7:40 pm

i thought the beta test group was every one that used monkey and had a bug or problem show up on their system?

a skinners group would be nice and so would a scripters group

but i think there are only about 4 of us making skins for monkey

and about 8 of the memebers making scripts for monkey?

so the groups are not going to be too large, i would hope for 200 members making skins for monkey that would really give us choices for skins as long as they all did not make the same styles.

i mean i like mashed potatos a lot. but i also like to put pepper in them to spice them up and toss some cooked corn in the middle of them and then put some cottage cheese on top of it all to cool it down some.

so for me lots of overload is fun. just like my monkey skins are.
only my new one is going to be different for me.

getting off topic will stop. :)
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