broadcasting on FM

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broadcasting on FM

Post by stutes » Sun Nov 20, 2005 1:24 pm

I have an "FM Transmitter" plugged into my computer, that I use to broadcast my computer music to other radios throughout the house---works pretty well much to my surprise, except for one thing. Sometimes when the music gets loud, the sound becomes static.

Does anyone know how to set up the Equalizer for broadcasting on FM, especially an FM signal that isn't that strong. Any other FM broadcasting tips would be appreciated.

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Post by trixmoto » Mon Nov 21, 2005 5:02 am

I use one of these transmitters myself and unfortunately, they are limited. All I can really suggest is that you keep the volume as loud as is sensible on your computer so that the radio at the other end doesn't need to be turned up very loud. This should help with the static. You'll find that bass can be a problem as well, so you might need to exagerate this on your computer too.
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Post by rovingcowboy » Mon Nov 21, 2005 9:24 am

whoa.. hoss. trixmoto ya gonna fry that thar transmitter.

i believe i said in the news and other stuff room in my thread on audio broadcasting from the computer. (although it might have been in another help forum i said it? ) that you should


keep the sound sound on the computer player. to a level of normal play on your computer.

meaning unplug the transmitter and use the computer speakers.

turn the volume to a nice level on the player. which would be just about 75% on the player.

then on the computer speaker icon in the system tray you turn that to just about 75%. or adjust it to lower if you get static when playing on the computer speakers.

reason being the static is caused by over driving your transmitter. in radio lingo it is called over modulation.

which can cause static or cause it to sound really bad as if the antena was only picking up a part of the signal. making only one letter of the words to be sounding when you hear it. really messed up.

so keep the power up as loud as you can on the player control then adjust the volume in the system tray to where it sounds good with the loudest song you have on the computer speakers.

then go and get a dsp plug in . i use the old wide and dynimc one it works best for my sound card. but get one of those plugins.

then when you start it play the songs through the speakers on the computer.
turn the plugin on and off to see what the sound volume is doing then.

if it is making it louder then what you have set the system tray volume for then turn down the volume output on the plugin if it has one. to match the volume out put of the system tray when you are not useing the plugin.

then start the plugin and hook up the FM transmitter turn on the stereo.

you will get good sound that is not over powering the transmitter.

you also need to make sure your using an fm freq.. that is not in use by any radio stations around you. if they are all in use then find the radio station that is the farthest away from you. and use that freq..

just remember some people might be upset about it even though it is the radio station farthest away ? 88.5 is mostly the best one to use. it is mainly schools that use that one. so you might mess up a college if it is with in 30 miles. but it is only a college :D

also if there is a commerical radio station using the freq your using they might turn up their signal power when people around you that listen to that commerical station, complain of interfeance with their signal.

and them turning up their signal power will cause static in your signal.
but this is the law with the fcc your device has to be able to allow a certian amount of interfearance from other stations.

just the same way the commerical stations have to allow your little transmitter to work.

also there is one more thing i found.

i am getting static by the mouse and keyboard cords. they are picking radio signals and causing transmitting static when i touch the mouse or the keyboard. so putting foil between those cords and the transmitter seems to help with that..

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