Composer Tag/Node inconsistencies

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Composer Tag/Node inconsistencies

Post by paulonl » Mon Aug 05, 2019 1:05 pm


I have a collection based on some criteria and have ' Composer' enabled as a node. If I select the collection, the browser screen shows >22.000 files with empty 'composer' tags. I know this by sorting asc/desc on the Composer column.

The Composer node however shows many subnodes each of which points to one or more tracks that have empty composer tags. These 'faulty' subnodes always refer to an album of the reported track, but none of the tracks of the album has a composer set.

This appears as a database inconsistency to me. I have tried all the options on the Maintain Library menu but it does not clear the Composer subnodes. Is there a way to rebuild the Composer (sub)node?