[SOLVED] No Sound, Player changed fixes

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[SOLVED] No Sound, Player changed fixes

Post by Train_Nerd » Tue Oct 16, 2018 4:25 pm

Just wanted to post that it appears installation of V4.1.22.1880 may have changed some settings. Currently using W10. No sound was observed unless I pushed ear buds into my ears. I had to change Tools>Options>Player/Output Plugins>MediaMonkey Direct Sound output to Tools>Options>Player/Output Plugins>MediaMonkey WASAPI output. This changed fixed no sound issue.

Also in Player view [View>Player (checked)] device needed to be set back to Internal Player: Hover to upper right corner of player window, Right Click>Choose Player>check Internal Player.

FWIW, I might have goofed setup myself, but this is what fixed it. :wink: