How to force gaps between tracks at CD burning time

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How to force gaps between tracks at CD burning time

Postby MLefebvre » Thu Jan 04, 2018 10:54 am


I need to introduce gaps between tracks at media writing time (can be a CD of a USB memory).
(Yes I have seen the post about gaps in a player, but this is something else)

The reason why is that I do not control the player, it can be a very simple CD or USB player, and in all cases I want to force a 5-seconds silence to give someone a chance to stop the device before it starts next track.

I could do this by adding manually a 5-sec silence at the end of each track, with Audacity or other editing tool, but this is quite tedious.
Is there a mean to instruct MMonkey to do this automatically when converting the track for writing ?

Thanks for your answer(s).
Best regards,
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