Pre listen of songs without changes of the playlist

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Pre listen of songs without changes of the playlist

Post by punkhead » Tue Jan 02, 2018 10:04 am

Hey guys,
I tried MediaMonkey. Nice software! Everything works fine but one thing it´s for me total crazy.

I make a new Playlist and save it.
Then I put song by song in the playlist (On the right side is the playlist and in the middle the songs of any folder).
When I now make a double click in the middle window on any song who is not still in the list, the saved Playlist on the right side disappeared and all my changes are gone.
Why is there not a possibility to hear a song without change of the playlist? Or have I don´t understand?
The only way to prevent this behavior is to hear the songs with another media player and then go to MediaMonkey an move the song in the playlist.
For just an album maybe this this OK but when you make a playlist for a party and it´s takes 5 hour it´s not good.

Another very important thing is the export playlist dialog for m3u. Please develop a possibility to export m3u also as non absolute path. Make a button with/or without.
otherwise you have to use a text editor to change the path of the songs.

Also an idea is a possibility to mark some songs with colors in the playlist. So that I can see " ok, here is new wave, and here is punk....just 10 different color button?

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Re: Pre listen of songs without changes of the playlist

Post by Lowlander » Mon Jan 08, 2018 1:34 pm

Instead of adding files to the Now Playing add them directly to a Playlist. Use right click, Send To > Playlist, drag the files on a tab with the Playlist open or onto the Playlist node in the Media Tree.

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